DNA Scanner: a web application for comparing DNA synthesis feasibility, price and turnaround time across vendors

DNA synthesis has become a major enabler of modern bioengineering, allowing scientists to simply order online in silico-designed DNA molecules. Rapidly decreasing DNA synthesis service prices and the concomitant increase of research and development scales bolstered by computer-aided DNA design tools and laboratory automation has driven up the demand for synthetic DNA.

Building Biofoundry India: challenges and path forward

Binay Panda, Pawan K Dhar Abstract Biofoundry is a place where biomanufacturing meets automation. The highly modular structure of a biofoundry helps accelerate the design-build–test–learn workflow to deliver products fast and in a streamlined fashion. In this perspective, we describe our efforts to build Biofoundry India, where we see the facility add a substantial value in

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