• Building a global alliance of biofoundries 18 November, 2019 Posted in: News - Nathan Hillson, Mark Caddick, […]Paul S. Freemont Nature Communications volume 10, Article number: 2040 (2019) Biofoundries provide an integrated infrastructure to enable the rapid design, construction, and testing of genetically reprogrammed organisms for biotechnology applications and research. Many biofoundries are being built and a Global Biofoundry Alliance has recently been established to coordinate activities worldwide.
  • Global Biofoundry Meeting, London, June 2018 25 June, 2019 Posted in: News - A meeting was held at Imperial College London on June 21st/22nd 2018, which gathered fifteen[1]of the leading synthetic biology biofoundries from around the world to discuss current activities and exchange information on key capabilities and projects being developed by these groups. Originally posted by SynbiCITE on 25 June, 2018 The meeting explored opportunities for collaboration and

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💡 You can still register for today's #VTTiBEX Final Seminar and listen to Mohammad and our other researchers introduce their solutions!

🏆Poika kotiin! Vetyinnovaatio palkittiin #EUHydrogenweek -tapahtumassa. "Tavoitteemme on tuottaa pienillä paikallispäästöillä varustettu vetygeneraattori kaupalliseksi tuotteeksi ja luoda yritystoimintaa polttokennojen ympärille", kertoo Pasi Ylirisku 👉

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Wondering what's after my #Ph.D.!!

Find answers by attending the Career Seminar hosted by

The Society of Synthetic Biology (SynBio SG) with an impressive panel On 10th Dec-2020 from 8-9.30pm

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High five for hydrogen! 🖐 Hydrogen could solve our dependency on fossil fuels if we could solve the issue of hydrogen storage. HydroCat project studies a safe and easy distribution of hydrogen fuel. Check out the video for more! #VTTiBEX

✨ “The changes that quantum technology enables are more significant than the technology itself,” ✨

@katri_kallio turned to her colleagues to better understand what problems the computing power of #quantum could solve. Read more 👇
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Hyvä uutinen kiertotaloudelle 🤩Teollisuuden sivuvirtojen materiaalit ovat usein jopa parempia kuin puhtaisiin raaka-aineisiin perustuvat 👉 Kuule tästä lisää @MarjaanaKarhu väitöstilaisuudessa 4.12. @TampereUni

Suomen ensimmäisen kvanttitietokoneen rakentaminen alkaa, mutta mitä tarkoittaa kvantti? ✨

Pekka avaa videolla, mitä kvantilla tarkoitetaan.


Mitä hyötyä on kvanttitietokoneesta? 🤔

@katri_kallio kääntyi kollegoiden puoleen ymmärtääkseen teknologian mahdollisia sovelluksia. Esiin nousivat mm:

✨ rokotekehitys
✨ aivotutkimus
✨ uudet materiaalit

👇 Lue blogi ja ota vastaan #kvanttihaaste!

To learn more about the topic, please check out the brand new web site of Circular Design Innovation community: @VTTFinland @AaltoUniversity @GTK_FI @LukeFinland @SYKEinfo

Circular economy makes sense ♻️ Ready to jump to the next paradigm?

VTT’s @OrkoInka highlights in her blog the necessity of circular-by-design-thinking to achieve holistic solutions 💚

#circulareconomy #sustainability #collaboration

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