• GBA 2020 and AGM, Montreal Canada 22 November, 2019 Posted in: Events - The Global BioFoundries Alliance Meeting will be held June 1-2, 2020 in Montreal, Canada, hosted by Vincent Martin and the Concordia Genome Foundry. The GBA Annual General Meeting will be held in conjunction with the conference. Please save the dates in your diary – more information soon! Enquiries: Vincent Martin
  • Building a global alliance of biofoundries 18 November, 2019 Posted in: News - Nathan Hillson, Mark Caddick, […]Paul S. Freemont Nature Communications volume 10, Article number: 2040 (2019) Biofoundries provide an integrated infrastructure to enable the rapid design, construction, and testing of genetically reprogrammed organisms for biotechnology applications and research. Many biofoundries are being built and a Global Biofoundry Alliance has recently been established to coordinate activities worldwide.
  • Global Biofoundry Meeting, London, June 2018 25 June, 2019 Posted in: News - A meeting was held at Imperial College London on June 21st/22nd 2018, which gathered fifteen[1]of the leading synthetic biology biofoundries from around the world to discuss current activities and exchange information on key capabilities and projects being developed by these groups. Originally posted by SynbiCITE on 25 June, 2018 The meeting explored opportunities for collaboration and

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🎧📻 Tänään @radiosuomi klo 20:15 ja Yle Areenassa klo 16 jälkeen kuunneltavissa #Mittaustauko.
📐⚖️ Olli Haapakangas sukeltaa metrologian maailmaan oppaanaan VTT:n Martti Heinonen.

@Olliaron @HeinonenMartti
👉Kuuntele myös viime viikon jakso!

Mittaustauko | Tintti luonnonvakioiden maassa

Mittaustieteen eli metrologian kentällä on viime aikoina riittänyt uutisoitavaa. Vastikään viimeinenkin SI-järjestelmän perusyksikkö onnistutt...

There is a growing interest in the 5G enabled verticals, such as autonomous vehicles, smart energy and smart city, says Pertti Raatikainen at #CNLDemocompo in Oulu. #5G #connectivity #ICT

Vastuullisuus on sisäänrakennettu tavoitteisiimme 🧡 Olisimme iloisia, jos sinä kertoisit meille, mitä mieltä olet VTT:n vastuullisuudesta. Vastaa kyselyymme ja pääset vaikuttamaan ➡️


As part of SINERGY seminar series we are happy to host A/Prof Giuseppe Saccone, 18 February 2020 Tuesday, 11.30am at CeLS Seminar Room
He will be speaking on Genetic control strategies for pest insects, find the flyer below and join us

Planning to attend #NSC2020? Nordic Smart Cities 2020 will bring together #SmartCity leaders to change the future of our cities, putting the citizen and liveability at the centre of all future projects. Read more and join us! @NSCexpo #VTTbeyondtheobvious

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