• Building Biofoundry India: challenges and path forward 21 July, 2021 Posted in: Uncategorized - Binay Panda, Pawan K Dhar Abstract Biofoundry is a place where biomanufacturing meets automation. The highly modular structure of a biofoundry helps accelerate the design-build–test–learn workflow to deliver products fast and in a streamlined fashion. In this perspective, we describe our efforts to build Biofoundry India, where we see the facility add a substantial value in
  • A role for Biofoundries in rapid development and validation of automated SARS-CoV-2 clinical diagnostics 19 May, 2021 Posted in: Publication - Michael A. Crone, Miles Priestman, Marta Ciechonska, Kirsten Jensen, David J. Sharp, Arthi Anand, Paul Randell, Marko Storch & Paul S. Freemont A role for Biofoundries in rapid development and validation of automated SARS-CoV-2 clinical diagnostics | Nature Communications
  • GBA Webinar with Dr Rosalind Le Feuvre & Dr Mark Dörr 14 April, 2021 Posted in: Events - 2021 Global Biofoundries Alliance Webinar Series April 20th 2021 @ 1-2 pm CET Register in advance for this webinar: A recording of the webinar will be made publicly available after the event for those unable to attend. This is a public webinar, so please do share this announcement with others that may be interested
  • London Biofoundry testing and pooling projects 19 March, 2021 Posted in: Research - In early 2020, due to reagent and labware shortages, there were significant limitations on SARS-CoV-2 testing capacity worldwide, with the UK’s diagnostic capacity at only 10 000 tests per day at the beginning of April. The London Biofoundry worked together with NHS colleagues to successfully increase testing capacity in accredited NHS laboratories at the St
  • Publications 8 January, 2021 Posted in: Publication - A list of publications from our members
  • Building a global alliance of biofoundries 18 November, 2019 Posted in: News - Nathan Hillson, Mark Caddick, […]Paul S. Freemont Nature Communications volume 10, Article number: 2040 (2019) Biofoundries provide an integrated infrastructure to enable the rapid design, construction, and testing of genetically reprogrammed organisms for biotechnology applications and research. Many biofoundries are being built and a Global Biofoundry Alliance has recently been established to coordinate activities worldwide.
  • Global Biofoundry Meeting, London, June 2018 25 June, 2019 Posted in: News - A meeting was held at Imperial College London on June 21st/22nd 2018, which gathered fifteen[1]of the leading synthetic biology biofoundries from around the world to discuss current activities and exchange information on key capabilities and projects being developed by these groups. Originally posted by SynbiCITE on 25 June, 2018 The meeting explored opportunities for collaboration and

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Taika-robotti on Kauppakeskus Triplan ahkera ruokalähetti. "Kun robotti liikkuu jossain, näkee usein vain hymynaamoja ympärillä", kertoo VTT:n Taru Hakanen lapsiperheiden suosikista🤖 @teliafinland

Miltä pienreaktori näyttäisi ja mihin käyttöön se sopisi? EcoSMR-kehitystyön tavoitteena on suunnitella suomalaiseen kaukolämpöverkkoon soveltuva 50 megawatin ydinvoimala 👇

Is an automated vehicle capable of avoiding crashes? 🚗💥

We have been developing a Cooperative Collision Avoidance application for automated vehicles in 5G networks together with TNO and KPN 👏 The system was tested in Netherlands, check out from the video how it went 👇

Mistä kulutuksen ilmastovaikutukset muodostuvat? Onko kulutuspäätöksillä vaikutusta ilmastonhillinnässä? Aiheesta keskustelevat @AliHarlin1, Ari Nissinen, Anu Seisto ja Hanna Pihkola.

#kuluttaminen #vttsipofscience

Did you know? These frogs are only poisonous in the wild where they have a special diet of ants and mites. In the lab, their diets keep them toxin free!

The Fischer Lab is at Genome Day with poison frogs - they’ll be here until 3 this afternoon, stop by and learn more!

A grant totalling DKK 20 million awarded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation will assist UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, to contribute to improving the life of Afghan refugees in Pakistan.
Photo: ©UNHCR/Asif Shahzad

We should not wait for technology to advance and instead act now! ✅ New projects are springing up around the globe, but there is still room for more players to get in the mix and a lot of ground to cover with green #hydrogen. Read more:

Korviimme kantautui ilouutisia!🌟

VTT:n ympäristöystävällistä vihreää vetyä tuottava "minivoimalaitos" on mukana finaalissa kisaamassa Suomalaisesta insinöörityöpalkinnosta 🏆 Valtavasti onnea myös @Solar_Foods sekä kaikki hienot finalistit 🧡

Warmly welcome @JuliusFredens who has recently joined @NUSingapore, @nus_syncti as Assistant Professor!

#genomics #synbio #synbioTRP #biochemistry

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