Grand Challenge and Demonstration Projects

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The Grand Challenge Working Group is developing Challenge project(s) to address global large-scale needs. These projects can take the form of an emergency intervention in times of epidemics or collaborative long term problems such as renewable energy or environmental protection. These Challenges will serve as a vehicle for collaboration and shared development between BioFoundries in the Alliance.

Workgroup Activities:

  • canvas competences and capabilities which can be used to address Grand Challenges
  • identify Grand Challenges which lend themselves as pilot projects
  • identify gaps which prevent members of GBA to effectively address identified Grand Challenges as a group
  • develop models to effectively address Grand Challenges using the worldwide network of BioFoundries
  • build network to address a Grand Challenges as pilot case
  • establish procedures to address emerging Grand Challenges in the future
  • establish procedures to address crisis in the future

Working Group Co-chairs

global biofoundries alliance imagery 10 Grand Challenge and Demonstration Projects

Susan Rosser (Grand Challenge, Europe)
Chenli Liu (Grand Challenge, Asia-Australia)
Vince Martin (Grand Challenge, Americas)

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