Metrology, Reproducibility and Data Quality

Synthetic biology aims to engineer living systems at the genetic level and requires reliable standardisation and predictable measurements. Given that living systems show context-dependency and emergent behaviour, this provides significant challenges for synthetic biology and therefore new tools, protocols and measurement technologies are required.

The Metrology Working Group aims to address these challenges in the context of Biofoundries and will initially work on three main types of activities.

adult biology chemical chemist 356040 Metrology, Reproducibility and Data Quality

These are:
1. Canvas the current metrology infrastructure (publicly disclosed) at Biofoundries, the current measurement protocols (publicly disclosed) being developing, and any associated tools, software or standards relating to metrology (publicly disclosed).

2. Identify existing freely open-source metrology projects that GBA members could collaborate on with other Biofoundries.

3. Prioritize the development of freely open-source measurement protocols including reference materials that the working group will focus on through collaboration.
The WG will also make all its information and working activities available in the public domain.

Working Group Co-Chairs

Paul Freemont (Metrology, Europe)
Huimin Zhao (Metrology, Americas)

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