Software Working Group Repositories:

Software Working Group Activities:

Canvas software tools in use as well as under development within GBA biofoundries, and software whose functionality / source code the GBA could access/benefit from

Identify existing freely open-source software projects the GBA could collaboratively contribute to

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On an annual basis, prioritize new features for freely open-source software projects the working group will focus on

Sub-working group activities focusing on software standards that are coordinated with these new feature developments

Prioritized freely open-source software features for collaborative development in 2020:

SynBioPython  – General low-level API

Connect multiple pieces of software to complete DBTL workflows

Genedeals – Skyscanner for DNA

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Non-GBA contributors (e.g. those from companies or biofoundries outside of the GBA) to the Software Working Group:

1. Have no decision making authority/no influence on the prioritization/ranking of prospective working group collaborative activities 

2. Can be informed of what the Software Working Group is actively collaborating on (e.g. via this page)

3. Can suggest new features / report bugs through existing ticketing systems (e.g. via github); or contact working group co-chairs with suggestions

4. Can contribute along with GBA members to freely open-source software projects


Software Working Group Co-Chairs:

Nathan Hillson (Americas)

Chueh Loo Poh (Asia-Australia)

Evelyn Travnik  (Software, Europe)



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